One of our greatest needs is reliable, caring foster homes.

Please consider saving an animal in need by opening your home.

Successful foster homes are ones in which the needs of people and current pets are carefully considered. We ask that you think about how you will accomodate a rescue dog into your everyday life BEFORE you make the commitment to opening your home. Most of the dogs will need some training to understand what is expected of them in their new surroundings. If it will frustrate you that the dog doesn’t fully adjust within a few days, then fostering isn’t for you. Fully committed and fairly flexible households do well. The ideal foster keeps the animal until adopted which can vary from less than a week to several months. ​The first few days will be the most challenging.

The main duties of a foster are to keep the animal safe, to observe health and behavior, to take the pet to vet appointments, and to provide an environment that maintains their adoptability.

Fostering is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in the rescue world.  We will seek your advice and participation in placing the dog into a home where he or she can thrive.  You will know the dog’s personality the best and we count on your interaction to make a good fit for the dog and adoptive family.

Fostering Process

Step 1

Please complete an online foster application.

​​Step 2

A volunteer will contact you to discuss your application and see if we have a dog that fits with your situation.

Step 3

You will be responsible for picking up the dog at a central location when it is transported to Denver from the shelter.

Step 4

Many times the dog will need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  We typically ask the foster to arrange a vet appointment with our approved vet. It is important that you obtain permission before taking an animal to the vet and that you only use our approved vet(s).  If you do not follow these guidelines, the vet care costs will not be covered.

Thank YOU for helping us rescue these deserving pets!

We couldn’t do it without you!

For questions about fostering a dog, please email us at